Published Papers

asme_2001 Chip-package Resonance in Core Power Supply

CICC_2009 System Power Distribution Network Theory

cpmt_1999 Power Distribution System Deisgn Methodology and Cap Selection

cpmt_2001 Power Plane Spice Models

DesCon_2005 MLC Capacitor Parameters for Accurate Simulation Model

DesCon_2006 Frequency Domain Target Impedance Method for Caps

DesCon_2007 FPGA Design for Signal and Power Integrity

DesCon_2010 On-Chip PDN Noise Characterization and Modeling

DesCon_2011 On-die Capacitance Measurements in the Frequency and Time Domains

DesCon_2012 PDN Resonance Calculator for Chip Package Board

DesCon_2015 Impedance and Transient Current Fundamentals

DesCon_2016 Panel Discussion – target impedance and rogue waves

DesCon_2018 – PDN Tutorial Slides

DesCon_2018 A Convolution Technique for Verifying Acceptable PTPX Currents

ectc_2001 Distributed Spice Modle for Ceramic Capacitors

ectc_2002_caps A Transmission Line Model for Ceramic Capacitors

ectc_2002_pds Model to Hardware Correlation for Power Distribution Induced IO Noise

ectc_2017_novel parallel resonance peak measurements for capsĀ 

emc_2018 PDN Tutorial Slides

epep_1994 Decoupling Capacitor Calculations for CMOS Circuits

epep_1998 ESR and ESL of Ceramic Capacitors

epep_1999 Simultaneous Swithc Noise and Power Plane Bounce

epep_2000 Power Plane Spice Models for Frequency and Time Domains

epep_2003 Power Distribution System for DDR2 Dimm

JSSC_1989 A CMOS -Based Analog Standard Cell Product Family

WMED_2016 PDN Tutorial

EDI_2018 VRM Modeling – Strategy to Survive the Collision of Three Worlds

EDI_2018 Target Impedance is not enough